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Merciless Thief

Eleonore is compiling some documents. Ammalia, a masked thief with a nylon stocking over her head, black leather pants and black leather gloves, appears behind her. She holds a chloro cloth and puts it over Eleonore's mouth and nose. Eleonore struggles and tries to escape from thief, but this one throws her to the ground, keeping the cloth over her mouth with gloved hand. The chloroform takes effect and Eleonore passes out.

Ammalia starts searching inside the drawers, but she doesn't find valuable objects. She hears Eleonore, who is waking up, so she comes back to her and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose again. Eleonore is forced to inhale the substance for the second time, till the unconsciousness.

Ammalia finds a necklace and steals it. She sees a nylon bag on the ground and takes it. She comes back to Eleonore for the last time and puts the bag over her head. She handgags her too, to be sure she can't breath. Ammalia keeps the bag for over four minutes. This time is too long for the poor Eleonore. Ammalia leaves the apartment with the limp body of Eleonore in it.

Models: Ammalia, Eleonore
Time 13:23
Size 298 MB
Format MP4

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