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Candy wants her money back from Susy, so she calls her at the phone. Susy refuses, so she decides to give her a lesson. She puts on a strap-on, the leather outfit, the leather gloves and a balaclava. Then she goes to Susy's apartment and breaks into it.

The two women begin a discussion, which ends with a punch to Susy's stomach. Candy then grabs her from behind and gropes her breasts with gloved hands. She takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Susy's mouth and nose. Susy struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Candy drags Susy on the bedroom and strips her completely. She takes a dildo, gets behind her, takes off the balaclava and puts the dildo inside her pussy, fucking her with it. At the same time she keeps the woman handgagged and sometimes she pinches her nose, handsmothering her. We can hear the muffled moans of Susy under the gloved hand of the leather woman, who has fun to hear them. She continues the lesbian action for several minutes, groping her breasts too.

Susy reaches the orgasm, but Candy has no intention of finishing the game. She puts her both gloved hands over Susy's mouth and nose and keeps her tight, handsmothering her. Susy struggles, kicks and makes muffled screams, but Candy has no mercy and waits until she passes out.

Candy puts on the balaclava again. She lowers her leather pants, showing the strap-on. She puts it inside Susy's pussy and starts fucking her with it. Susy enjoys it and moans. The woman in leather fucks her in different positions, like missionary and doggy style. She continues doing it for several minutes, moving up and down fastly. Sometimes she kisses her, keeps her handgagged or puts the gloved hand around her neck.

Finally Candy shows her face to Susy for some seconds. She leaves the bedroom and comes back holding a rope. She puts it around Susy's neck and starts strangling her without mercy. The poor woman tries to remove the rope, kicks and struggles. She drools from the mouth and gasps for air. Candy continues strangling her without mercy until the end. Now she can get her money back.

Models: Candy, Susy Blue
Time 43:37
Size 3369 MB
Format MP4