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Money Is Mine

Niki is a robber who is stealing. She notices another robber is breaking into the same apartment and she waits her hidden behind a door. Ammalia, the other robber, is surprised with a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Ammalia tries to remove the gloved hand wich keeps the cloth over her face, but Niki has a tight grip and Ammalia passes out.

Niki continues to steal in the apartment. Ammalia wakes up and see the cloth near her. She takes it and goes to the bedroom, where Niki is searching in the drawers. She sees her and puts the chloroform over her mouth and nose. When Niki is ko, Ammalia calls her boss, telling him to come to the apartment and save her from the rival robber.

Niki wakes up. This time she doesn't want to use the chloro cloth, but her leather gloved hands. She grabs Ammalia from behind, handsmothering her tightly with gloved hand. The hard suffocation continues for long time. Niky uses both hands to cover her mouth and pinch her nose. Ammalia passes out and Niki can stealing in the apartment without any matters now.

Models: Niky, Ammalia
Time 15:33
Size 345 MB
Format MP4

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