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Mother Daisy is very angry with her second daughter Dena. She decides to give her a lesson, like the one gave to her sister Angel on Pervert Mother.

Daisy grabs Dena from behind, putting an arm around her neck and a hand over her mouth. The handgag is so tight that Dena can't breath. Mother keeps the hand until the daughter passes out.

Dena finds herself tied and gagged on the floor. The mother is walking near her. She understand the mother is ready to play another of her kinky games.

Daisy sit down and puts her stinky feet over her daughter's face, pressing them firmly over her nose. In some situations, Dena is unable to breath. When she can, she is forced to smell mother's feet. This foot smelling/smother action continues for almost four minutes.

The mother change method. She sits over Dena's face, holding her breath with the full weight of body. Another tight smother action.

In the final smothering scene we see a single foot of Daisy, while it is pressed against Dena's mouth and nose. The mother has no mercy. She keeps her foot until the daughter passes out.

Models: Daisy, Dena
Time 18:07
Size 405 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €10.99