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Mysterious Woman (Bare Hands Part)

Ivy breaks inside Lara's house, wearing a leather jacket and a pair of leather pants. She puts pantyhose, leather gloves, a rag and a bottle over the furniture. She opens the bottle and pours the chloroform on the rag. Then she puts on the pantyhose over her head as a mask.

Lara comes back to home and goes to the living room. She notices there are some ropes on the couch and scared, she asks who the hell brought them. Ivy grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Lara struggles, but Ivy keeps the cloth tight until she slowly passes out.

Ivy ties up Lara on a chair and when she is doing it, Lara wakes up. She immediately puts a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and telling her not trying to scream. Lara anyway begs her not harming her, but Ivy is sadistic and starts playing with her. She strangles her with both bare hands, then she repeatedly handsmothers and strangles her again. She continues this action for several minutes, then she gags and blindfolds her with the tape and finally puts a pair of pantyhose over her head. She handsmothers her again with both bare hands, then she puts her to sleep with chloroform for the second time.

Models: Ivy Blonde, Lara
Time 22:03
Size 1597 MB
Format MP4

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