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Natasha In Trouble

Natasha is in the dressing room. A man in balaclava and black leather gloves slowly walks toward her. He grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged. Natasha struggles and tries to call her friend Nina, but the man pushes the gloved hand tight, so she can't scream.

Nina can't find Natasha in the studio, so she calls her different times. The man hears Nina's voice, so he pinches Natasha's nose, to be sure she can't make a sound. Nina thinks Natasha isn't in the studio, so she leaves the place. The man holds Natasha's breath for long time, with a very hard handsmother grip. Natasha can't resist and faints. The man lifts her limp body and carries her to the studio.

The man removes shoes of Natasha and smells her feet. When Natasha wakes up, she finds herself tied up and gagged with duct tape. The man returns and plays with her. He repeatedly covers her mouth and nose with his gloved hands, handsmothering her. He takes a nylon bag and puts it over her head. Natasha can't breath under the bag. The man makes the suffocation harder, handgagging the poor victim. The man keeps the bag until Natasha's end.

Models: Natasha
Time 16:45
Size 388 MB
Format MP4

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