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Gianluca is a brilliant programmer who developes a source code for a militar software. Some spy agencies want to get the code and one of them sends Adele to Gianluca's house to steal it.

Adele breaks into the house and reaches the bedroom, where she looks around, wearing a pair of black leather gloves and holding a gun. Then she goes to the kitchen, where Gianluca is preparing a cup of tea. Adele points the gun to his head and forces him to sit down. She wants the source code, so she tramples his cock when he tells her he doesn't know what she is talking about. She continues torturing him in this way and strangling him without mercy using her gloved hands.

Finally Gianluca surrenders and gives the pen drive with the source code to Adele. To avoid complaints from him, she puts her gloved hands around his neck and strangles him tight. He struggles, but being a weak person, she easily finishes him.

Adele sits on the couch, satisfied with her work. This is not the end. A male spy sent by another agency, grabs her from behind and pushes her to the wall. He starts strangling her without mercy, then he continues the sadistic action on the couch. Adele can't do anything to stop him, so he continues strangling her until the end.

Models: Adele, Gianluca
Time 12:35
Size 914 MB
Format MP4