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Nurse Vs Robber

Robber Melina breaks into Eleonore's apartment and begins seeking valuable merchandise. Nurse Eleonore comes back from work and notices something strange in her apartment. There is an intruder!

Eleonore puts on a pair of surgical latex gloves and takes a chloro cloth. She grabs Melina from behind, while she is stealing and puts the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. Melina struggles and tries to escape, but Eleonore presses her gloved hand tightly, making her unconscious.

Melina is a unlucky robber because Eleonore is a sadistic nurse who likes bondage and smother games.

Eleonore wraps Melina on the couch with red tape. When she wakes up, she keeps her quiet and holds her breath with the handsmother technique. She does it many times, to give a hard lesson to the robber.

After a lot of gloved handsmother action, Eleonore takes a cellophane tape and puts it over Melina's mouth and nose. This is the last game she wants trying against a rude intruder. She keeps it until Melina passes out.

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Models: Eleonore, Melina
Time 18:07
Size 403 MB
Format MP4

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