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Pantyhose Wrestler

Three different stories about two female wrestlers and hitwomen in pantyhose.

Norma is training. Laura slowly walks toward her and grabs her neck from behind, snapping it. Norma begins to spasm and moan, while Laura puts a hand over her pussy and starts fingering her (over the pantyhose). She continues until Norma slowly collapses on the floor. Laura smells her feet, with red socks on before, then she takes off them and does it only with pantyhose on. While she deeply sniffs, she moans and gets excited. Suddenly, when her back is turned, Norma grabs her neck with legs and with a strong scissorhold grip, she strangles the rival until she collapses on the floor.

Laura is watching a porn clip on her smartphone. Norma takes off a red sock and puts it over her hand as a glove. She grabs Laura from behind and keeps her quiet with the "gloved hand", suffocating her too. At the same time, she fingers her pussy over the pantyhose. Norma continues this game until Laura reaches the orgasm and passes out. Then she continues watching the porn clip instead of Laura and masturbates herself. Laura wakes up and starts a fight against her rival Norma. They continues for several minutes, when Norma takes the blue sock of Laura, ties it around her neck and strangles her until she passes out again.

Laura knocks out Norma with a head slap. She uses the red sock to tie her wrists. Then she puts on a strap-on, rip Norma's pantyhose and starts fucking her. She takes a plastic bag and puts it over her head, suffocating her while she continues fucking. Laura is quite sadistic and continues this until she thinks Norma is dead, but this one grabs her neck with legs again and strangles her with a final scissorhold grip.

Models: Norma Jean, Laura Schwarz
Time 32:57
Size 2386 MB
Format MP4

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