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Gemma is naked and tied up on the chair with duct tape. Her perverted friend puts a stuff inside her mouth and gags her with the duct tape. He likes so much her bare smelly feet, so he wants playing with them.

Keeping a balaclava and a pair of leather gloves on, to appear like a bad man, he fondles her feet and starts tickling them.

Gemma laughs, but she can't do it loudly, because she is gagged. The man knows she is ticklish, so he has fun to play this game.

He smells, kiss and licks her soles and toes, taking pleasure in tasting the soft skin with his tongue. He sucks her toes too, enjoying to sniff the pleasant odour of her extremities.

The clip continues and the man alternates actions of foot tickling and foot worship until the end.


Perverse Friend Full Story

Perverse Friend (Hand Over Mouth And Bagging Part)

Perverse Friend Play With Me (Bondage Maledom Part)

Models: Gemma Bones
Time 16:42
Size 1219 MB
Format MP4