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Perverse Friend

Gemma has recently met Gianluca and being aware of his perversions, she curiously decides to share them with him. She starts undressing and calls him, telling what she is doing.

When she is naked, he appears behind her and puts a gloved hand over her mouth. She makes muffled screams and starts laughing, finding his game quite funny. He continues keeping her handgagged and at the same time, he gropes her breasts. He tells her to masturbate herself, putting her fingers inside her pussy. She does it. Sometimes he pinches his nose too, handsmothering her. He does it to hold her breath and make her more excited.

He pulls out a pink dildo and give it to her. She sucks it, then she puts it inside her pussy and starts fucking herself with it. Gianluca likes to stay with a woman who loves perverted games, so he keeps her tight handgagged and handsmothers her, to smell the odour of her excitement. Sometimes he fucks her with the dildo, hearing her muffled moans under his gloved hand. The game continues until Gemma reaches the orgasm.

Now that Gemma is satisfied, Gianluca puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and keeps it tight. She didn't expect a similar thing, so she starts struggling, making muffled screams and keeping her eyes wide open. He keeps the cloth until she slowly closes her eyes and passes out.

Gemma wakes up, tied up on the chair with duct tape. Gianluca comes back and puts a clear plastic bag over her head. Then he pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. She gasps for air, but he has not mercy and has fun to see her suffering face. He continues until the end.


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Models: Gemma Bones
Time 19:00
Size 1372 MB
Format MP4

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