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Playing With Him (Full Version)

Mistress Lilli Bayle has just found a new male slave and she wants playing with him some smother games. She is dressed in full leather outfit.

While he is lying on the floor, she pushes her ass in leather pants, over his mouth and nose, smothering him. She uses the facesitting domination several times, testing his breath resistance ad having fun to do it. Gianluca, the slave, can only hold his breath when she wants and smell the odour of leather when she lets him breathe. She sits over his face with her pussy too, looking him while he keeps his eyes wide open.

The facesitting is only the begin. She puts her legs around his neck too and uses them to make a strong headscissors grip. She continues this action for some minutes, while the poor slave tries to remove the legs from his neck and struggles.

The mistress intends to continue her games, so she grabs him from behind and puts her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose. He makes muffled screams, while she pushes the hands tight and for long time. She takes off the gloves, but continues handsmothering him with large bare hands. She orders him to lay down on the couch. She sits over his legs and continues handsmothering him, with bare hands before, then with leather gloves on. She does it, putting a hand over his mouth and pinching his nose with the other one. We can watch some POV with a close up of her hands.

Lilli is not only a mistress, but a sadistic hitwoman too. She takes a clear plastic bag and puts it over Gianluca's head. Then she pulls it, squishing his face and leaving no air under it. Gianluca struggles, kicks and tries to remove the bag. Lilli puts her gloved hands over his mouth and nose too, to suffocate him harder. She has not mercy and continues until the end.

Models: Lilli Bayle, Gianluca
Time 52:21
Size 4045 MB
Format MP4

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