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Janelle is in her apartment. She wears a white shirt and a black tie.

A man in balaclava and leather gloves slowly walks towards her and grabs her from behind. He puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose and keeps it tight. Janelle starts struggling and tries to remove it from the face, but the substance takes effect and she passes out with a great eyeroll movement.

The man drags her to the couch and fondles her limp body. Then he takes off her shoes and smell and touch her stinky feet in pantyhose.

Janelle wakes up, so the man puts a gloved hand over her mouth and keeps her handgagged. She struggles and tries to escape. The man puts the chloro cloth over her face and waits until she slowly passes out.

Janelle wakes up and finds herself tied up and cleavegagged on the chair. She struggles and tries to scream. The man comes back and plays with her body, groping her big breasts. He keeps her handgagged too and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She is forced to breathe the substance and keeps her eyes wide open, before fainting.

Janelle wakes up and removes the tape wich kept her tied. She tries to leave the apartment, but she is still confused. The man can easily grab her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth for the last time.

Models: Janelle
Time 14:39
Size 1065 MB
Format MP4