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Gianluca is an italian trader who doesn't want to pay the protection money. The criminal organization hires the international hitwoman Bettie to stop him.

Gianluca comes back to home and Bettie grabs him from behind, putting an arm around his neck and a gloved hand over his mouth and nose. He struggles, kicks and tries to escape. She is a very strong woman and she doesn't leave him a way out. She keeps the arm and the gloved hand until he passes out. She then lifts and carries him over her shoulder to the bedroom.

Now the sadistic game of the hitwoman begins. Gianluca is tied up and stripped and she keeps his gloved hands over his mouth and nose, handsmothering him. She has fun to see him struggling and keeping his eyes wide open. She takes off her leather gloves and continues the game with her large bare hands. She pushes them over his mouth and nose tight. She uses different positions to do it, like sitting over his chest or from behind.

Bettie continues her hand over mouth domination, this time however she adds another strong technique to subdues him: the scissorhold grip. She squeezes his neck with her fat and muscular legs, while he continues struggling with no chances to escape. She puts her hands over his mouth and nose again. She has fun to see a poor man under her total domination. She uses her scissorhold grip around his chest too.

Altough Gianluca is clearly weak, Bettie doesn't want to stop playing and this time she does it harder than before. She takes off her pants, staying in underwear. She sits with her smelly ass over his face, smothering him with it. The poor man has to bear her full weight. When he can breathe, he must smell the odour of her ass and pussy. Bettie here shows all her sadism, jumping over his face and laughing like a crazy woman.

Like all games, this one also has an end. Bettie takes a clear plastic film and puts it around Gianluca's head, while he begs her to let him go. He tries to remove it, but she hold his arm, while he gasps for air. She looks at him with a sadistic smile, waiting for his inexorable end.


Powerful Hitwoman (Facesitting Part)

Powerful Hitwoman (Hand Over Mouth And Bagging Part)

Models: Bettie Brickhouse, Gianluca
Time 50:03
Size 3635 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €20.99