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Prisoner Of Her Weight

Gianluca is prisoner in the attic. He wears only underpants. He is hungry and cold.

Janelle arrives to the small room. He begs her to let him go, but she has no mercy and replies she will do it only after a long domination session. He ha the only chance to accept and suffer.

Janelle sits over his face, pushing it with her big ass in pantyhose. She holds his breathe for long time using this erotic and sadistic technique. Sometimes she changes the position and puts her stinky pussy over his mouth and nose, looking at his suffering face and eyes wide open. She finds it so funny and laughs like a crazy woman.

Janelle uses a reverse scissorhold too and squeezes his poor neck between her strong buttocks. She continues with a final and long ass smothering domination and waits until the end.


Prisoner Of Janelle (Full Version)

Odour In The Attic (Foot Smelling In Pantyhose Part)

Odour Of Large Feet (Bare Foot Smelling Part)

Odour Of Janelle Feet (Foot Domination Part)

Strong Hands Of Janelle (Bare Hand Over Mouth Part)

Janelle Final Game (Gloved Hand Over Mouth Bagging Part)

Models: Janelle, Gianluca
Time 16:33
Size 1198 MB
Format MP4

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