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Erzebeth is a frustrated maid, because her employer Jamira is never satisfied of her handiwork. She plans a revenge.

She takes a cloth and pours a dose of chloroform on it. Then she grabs her employer Jamira from behind, covering her mouth and nose with chloro cloth. The fight between two women starts. Jamira has to escape, while Erzebeth has to capture her. When the rubber gloved hand of Erzebeth touches Jamira's mouth with the cloth, she makes her weaker. Jamira losts her strength to escape from Erzebeth. She has only the ability to breath under the cloth. Erzebeth keeps it over her her mouth and nose until she passes out.

Jamira is tied on the floor. She try to tell something to her maid, but Erzebeth handgags her with yellow rubber gloves. Jamira tells some unknown phrases, while Erzebeth is handgagging her.

Erzebeth takes off her shoes and puts her stinky feet over Jamira's face, forcing her to smell them. She rubs the toes over her nose.

The maid continues her revenge with tight handsmother actions. She holds her breath many times and using different poses. The last handsmother attack is too long for Jamira. She can't resist under the pressure of rubber gloved hands and passes out.

Models: Erzebeth, Jamira
Time 21:07
Size 472 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €12.99