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Rebel Maid

Jackie is a maid who works for a very fussy woman called Ivy. She is very tired to work for her, so she decides to make her a lesson.

She puts on a pair of white surgical gloves and puts Ivy to sleep, using a combination of sleeperhold and handsmother techniques.

Now Ivy is tied and gagged on the bed. Maid Jackie can continue her smother revenge desire. She puts her stinky feet, covered with a pair of stocking, over Ivy's face.

Jackie prevents Ivy to breath with a long and hard facesitting. She uses a plastic bag over her head too.

Near the end, Jackie puts both gloved hands over Ivy's mouth and nose and keep them until she passes out again.

Models: Jacquelyn Velvets, Ivy Sloan
Time 15:48
Size 350 MB
Format MP4

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