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Red Strange Memories (Full Version)

Red meets Lilli and starts talking about some strange memories happened to her. She doesn't understand if they really happened or if she was only dreaming. She remembers a man with a balaclava and black leather gloves who grabbed her and kept her quiet, putting a gloved hand over her mouth. At the same time he fondled her body and groped her. Sometimes he handsmothered her and finally he put her to sleep with chloroform.

The woman was dressed like Lilli, but she wore the balaclava and black leather gloves too. As the man, she had fun to keep her quiet and smother her with gloved hands over her mouth and nose, groping and fondling her body. She finally put her to sleep with chloroform too.

Red remembers some moments where she was bound, blindfolded and gagged. She don't know which room she was in exactly, but she thinks she was on a bed. The man and the woman were the same who kept her handgagged and fondled her, because she had recognized their voices. They continued to fondle her body and smell her feet, while she couldn't move, talk and see them. She could only feel the touch of gloved hands over her legs and face.

Lilli asks to Red if she can go to the toilet, but when she is behind her, she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Red struggles, sensing that Lilli is somehow involved in this matter, but it is too late. Lilli keeps the cloth until she passes out.

Red wakes up. She is tied up on the bed. The same bed where she was tied up in her memories. Lilli takes a clear plastic bag and puts it over her head. Red starts gasping for air, while Lilli has fun to see her, holding the bag with gloved hands and smiling sadistically. She has no mercy and continues suffocating the poor woman until the end.

Models: Lilli Bayle, Red Snow
Time 45:55
Size 3328 MB
Format MP4

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