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Rey Unlucky Robber

Rey is a robber in catsuit who breaks into a house and starts searching in the drawers of the living room. She doesn't find anything, so she tries to steal in another room. She is not so lucky, because Pinky, the house owner, is a sadistic hitwoman who like leather outfit. Pinky grabs Rey from behind and put a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. Rey struggles and tries to fight, but Pinky throws her on the floor and continues handsmothering her, using both gloved hands. Rey pulls out a chloro cloth to use against the owner, but this one takes it and puts it over her mouth and nose. The robber makes muffled screams and slowly passes out.

Pinky strips Rey, leaving her in underwear. Rey wakes up and tries to leave the house, but Pinky grabs her from behind and pushes her to the wall. She closes her mouth and nose with the chloro cloth and the poor robber slowly falls down.

Pinky takes a rope and when she is starting to tie Rey, she notices she is still awake. She puts an arm around her neck and a gloved hand over her mouth and nose. She continues handsmothering her until she faints. She does it a couple of times.

Now Rey is ko, so Pinky can use the ropes to tie her. When the poor robber has legs and arms blocked, She wakes up and Pinky puts her to sleep with chloroform again. Then she thinks about what she will do with her.

Models: Pinky, Rey
Time 18:04
Size 1311 MB
Format MP4

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