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Right Or Wrong

Keri suggests a game to Cadence. There are two rags on the table and one of them is soaked with chloroform. If Cadence chooses the rag with chloro, she will be the domina in the next phase of game. If she chooses the rag without chloro, Keri will tie and gag her.

Cadence takes one cloth and puts it over Keri's mouth and nose. Keri struggles and tries to scream, but Cadence keeps the cloth with her gloved hands for long time, making Keri unconscious. Cadence is excited because she think she will be the domina. Keri takes the other cloth and puts it over her mouth and nose. She cheated on Cadence, simulating a fake faint. She holds the cloth with chloro, while Cadence understands her cheat and struggles. Cadence passes out.

Following the rules of the game, Keri ties and gags Cadence on the chair. She starts with a breath control technique, called bagging. She takes a nylon bag and puts it over Cadence's head. She occasionally puts her leather gloved hand over the bag and Cadence's mouth, to make the smother game very hard.

After a bad lesson, Keri continues the domination game, putting an arm over her neck and handsmothering her with other gloved hand. She keep the arm and gloved hand for very long time.

Models: Keri Spectrum, Cadence Luxx
Time 17:47
Size 395 MB
Format MP4

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