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Eva enters in a room where she finds a paper sheet. She reads what is written.

Lilian enters in the room too and take the sheet. She starts reading aloud and we understand they are two professional hitwomen who work for the same agency. The boss wants only one of them for the next task and there are two options to get it. The first one is the surrender of Eva or Lilian, who would leave the work to the rival. The second one is a deadly fight between them, where the winner survives and get the task. The two hitwomen choose the second option.

Eva and Lilian take off their clothes, remaining in underwear. They start moving around, looking into their eyes each other with a threatening attitude. Eva grabs Lilian's neck and Lilian does the same thing to Eva.

The real fight begins: the two hitwomen often use strangling attack with bare hands, standing up or rolling on the carpet. Lilian sometimes holds Eva's body with a strong scissorhold grip. They continues fighting for several minutes, where neither of them seem tired or gives up.

Eva sits over Lilian and grabs her neck with both hands. Lilian gasps for air and keeps her eyes wide open. It seems this is the end for her, but she attacks the rival with a head butt.

Lilian grabs Eva from behind and strangles her with both hands around her neck. Eva tries to remove them, gasping for air and showing a suffering face, but now she is really tired and she hasn't the strength to react anymore. Lilian continues strangling her until her limp body falls to the ground.

Models: Lilian, Eva BlackHell
Time 16:30
Size 1188 MB
Format MP4

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