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Rival Mobsters 2

Cali breaks into Jamie's apartment. She is dressed in leather. She holds a gun and a chloro cloth. Cali grabs Jamie, pointing the gun to her head and putting the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Jamie makes a lot of muffled screams, then she passes out.

Jamie wakes up, finding herself tied up on the chair. Cali is a mobster of a rival gang. She is there to kill Jamie. Cali handsmothers Jamie different times, wearing a pair of black leather driving gloves. Then she takes a nylon bag and puts it over Jamie's head. She keeps the victim handgagged, to be sure she can't breath under the bag. Nylon bag suffocation continues until Jamie's end.

Cali is leaving the apartment, when Niki Lee surprises her from behind. She has a chloro cloth too and puts it over Cali's mouth and nose. She keeps it with leather gloved hands, until Cali passes out.

Cali is tied up to the chair by Niki Lee. She is the boss of Jamie and she is there to revenge her death. Niki Lee uses the same techniques Cali did to Jamie. She handsmothers her with gloved hands, then she puts a nylon bag over her head, keeping her handgagged. This is the end for Cali too.

Models: Niki Lee, Cali Logan, Jamie Daniels
Time 18:59
Size 703 MB
Format MP4

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