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Rival Spies 2 (Catfight Part)

Eleonore and Pinky are two secret agents who work for two different organizations. Both women are looking for software, which is saved in a pen drive kept inside the house where both of them break in.

Keeping a leather jacket and a pair of leather gloves on, Eleonore starts searching in the kitchen and finds the pen drive inside the coffee machine. In that moment Pinky appears behind her, pours the chloroform on a rag and puts it over her mouth. Eleonore struggles and tries to break free, but Pinky keeps the cloth tight until she passes out. Then she drags her in another room.

Pinky, dressed in leather outfit as the rival, takes the pen drive. She notices it is not the one where the software is, so she starts searching again. Eleonore slowly walks toward her and grabs her from behind, putting an arm around her neck. The fight between the two female spies begins. Both women uses different grips like scissorhold, handsmother, strangulation, strangling and handsmothering at the same time. The fight continues for several minutes, when near the end, both agents are tired, but Eleonore manages to prevail, sitting over Pinky and pushing tight a gloved hand over her mouth. She takes a chloro cloth and puts it over Pinky's mouth and nose. She is already weak and passes out.

Models: Eleonore, Pinky
Time 19:50
Size 1434 MB
Format MP4

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