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Rival Thieves 3 Full Version

Xena is a thieves in leather pants and leather gloves who breaks into an apartment and starts looking around for searching valuables. She hears footsteps, so she decides to hide.

Rachel is another thief dressed like Xena. She is looking for valuables too and starts searching inside the drawers. Xena grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Rachel struggles and slowly passes out.

Xena continues her "work", but Rachel is still awake and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth. Xena fights to escape, but the substance takes effect and she passes out. Disappointed because she didn't find anything, Rachel lets it out by fondling the limp body of Xena.

Xena wakes up and immediately grabs Rachel by the neck. A fight between the two thieves begins. Xena sits over Rachel and strangles and handsmothers her. Rachel reacts, doing the same thing to Xena. Then she puts her legs around Xena's neck, making a tight scissorhold attack and keeping them for long time. Xena doesn't give up and repeatedly sits with her ass and pussy over Rachel's face, smothering her without mercy with a full weight facesitting. Rachel is still strong and attacks Xena with a sleeperhold + handsmother attack. The fight is quite long and this makes Xena weaker. Rachel can easily put a clear plastic bag over her head, pulling it, to be sure she can't breathe. Xena tries to remove the bag, while she gasps for air, keeping her eyes and mouth wide open. Rachel has no mercy and keeps the bag until the end. Then she lies down on the couch to rest.

Xena is still alive and pours the chloroform on the cloth. Then she puts it over Rachel's mouth and nose. Rachel struggles and kicks, before fainting.

Xena ties Rachel on a chair and waits until she wakes up. She starts her sadistic revenge against her. She strangles and handsmothers her several times, using different positions. Sometimes she hits her with some belly punching. The smother action of Xena is quite hard, we can understand from her aggressive facial expressions. This make the poor Rachel weak.

Xena decides to stop her revenge doing the last thing. She puts the clear plastic bag over Rachel's head and pulls it tight. We can see the squished face of the poor thief, while she gasps for air. Xena has not mercy and keeps the bag until the end.

Models: Xena, Rachel Adams
Time 48:18
Size 3502 MB
Format MP4

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