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Rivalry Between Thieves (Full Version)

Pamela and Xena are two thieves and commissioned murderers with the task of killing Gianluca and robbing him. Pamela grabs him from behind, holding his arms. Then Xena repeatedly hits him with punches until he falls on the floor. Both women sits over him and Pamela pushes her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose. She keeps them until his end.

Now the two thieves can search the hidden loot. They find it inside a hole in the fireplace. Pamela tells to Xena to go to the kitchen and take a spoon to remove debris. Xena goes to the kitchen and takes it, but she pours the chloroform on a cloth too. Then she comes back to the living room and closes Pamela's mouth with the cloth. Pamela struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out.

Convinced of being able to act undisturbed, Xena tries to take the loot, but Pamela grabs her from behind. The two women starts fighting. They roll on the sofa and throw themselves on the floor, using several sleeperhold, handsmother, scissorhold, facesitting and strangulation moves. After a long and exhausting fight, Pamela wins and puts a chloro cloth over Xena's mouth and nose, keeping it until she passes out.

Pamela ties Xena to a chair with the duct tape. Now she can play with her as she wants. When Xena tries to talk, she keeps her handgagged. She puts an arm around her neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip, them she covers her mouth and nose, handsmothering her. She smothers her in various ways, like strangling, handsmothering, with an arm around her neck and using her big breasts. Xena is too weak to try to escape, so she can only undergo her sadistic games. Pamela has no mercy and continues for several minutes.

Before leaving the house with the loot, Pamela decides to finish Xena. She takes a clear plastic bag and puts it over her head. Then she pulls it tight, to be sure she can't breathe inside. She continues suffocating her until the end.

Pamela is taking the loot inside the fireplace, when an unknown man grabs her neck with a rope and starts strangling her. She falls on the ground and tries to remove the rope, with the face flushed and the eyes wide open. The man pulls the rope without mercy and waits until the end. Now he can keep the loot to himself.

Models: Pamela, Xena, Gianluca
Time 42:24
Size 3072 MB
Format MP4

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