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Roommates In Peril

Soraya and Janelle break into an apartment. Both women wear a pair of black leather gloves and hold a chloroform cloth. They wait their victims in the attic.

Stella enters in the room. Janelle holds her arms and Soraya puts the cloth over her mouth and nose. Stella struggles and tries to scream, but the chloroform takes effect and she passes out.

Now it's time for Natasha. Janelle puts the cloth over her mouth and Soraya clamps her. She tries to call for help in vain. Janelle puts her to sleep. Nina reaches her roommates. Janelle and Soraya grab and chloroform her too.

Stella wakes up. She is still weak, so Janelle takes a nylon bag and puts it over her head. Stella can't remove it, because Soraya is holding her. Janelle keeps the bag until her end.

Soraya and Janelle are two sadistic hitwomen. When roommates Natasha and Nina wake up, they suffocate them with the nylon bag, keeping it for long time. A clip for chloroform and bagging lovers.

Models: Soraya, Janelle, Nina, Natasha, Stella
Time 19:52
Size 453 MB
Format MP4

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