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Sadistic Hitwoman (Full Version)

Xena is a tenacious merchant who refuses to pay the protection to the Mafia. These ones, knowing she is also skilled in fighting, decide to send a hitwoman who is able to match. Lilli, especially known for her sadism, is chosen.

Lilli breaks into the house of Xena, full dressed in leather. She pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts on a nylon mask over her head. Then she waits Xena, hidden behind a door.

When Xena arrives and enters the living room, Lilli hits her with a chop on the neck. Xena falls on the ground and Lilli sits over her chest, putting the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose and keeping it with her both gloved hands. Xena struggles and kicks, but she passes out.

Xena wakes up, handcuffed, gagged and blindfolded on the bed. Lilli comes back and takes off the gag and the blindfold. Xena asks her what she is doing in her house, but Lilli immediately puts a gloved hand over her mouth and starts playing with her. She puts her both legs around her neck, making a tight scissorhold grip. At the same time she handsmothers her with both gloved hands. She continues smothering Xena in this way, sometimes sitting over her face with her full weight and with leather pants on.

After several minutes of this kinky and sadistic game, Lilli decides to put Xena to sleep with a second dose of chloroform.

This is not the end, because Lilli wants playing with her victim again. She sits over her and puts her both gloved hands over her neck, strangling her. Then she handsmothers her, pushing her both gloved hands over her mouth and nose. Lilli has fun to see her poor victim suffering in this way, so she continues her sadistic games. She handsmothers and strangles her from behind for several minutes, then she does the same thing over her, looking her straight in the eyes and taking pleasure in seeing her frightened face.

Lilli then pours the chloroform on the cloth and puts it over Xena's mouth and nose again. Pushing it with both gloved hands, she looks at her in a sadistic way under the nylon mask, while she slowly passes out.

After several sadistic games, Lilli decides to play the last one. She ties a rope around Xena's neck and pulls it, starting to strangle her. Still tied up with handcuffs, Xena can't remove it and gasps for air, keeping her eyes and mouth wide open.. Lilli has no mercy and continues strangling her until the end.

Models: Lilli Bayle, Xena
Time 44:02
Size 3195 MB
Format MP4

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