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Sadistic Masked Intruder 2

Daisy, a woman in balaclava, leather gloves and leather pants breaks into Angel and Candy apartment. She hears a noise of steps, so she waits hidden behind the couch.

Candy sits down on the couch and starts reading a magazine. Daisy grabs her from behind, covering her mouth with a chloro cloth. Candy makes muffled sounds and tries to free herself, but Daisy keep the cloth very tight, so Candy passes out.

Daisy reaches the bedroom, where Angel is sleeping. She chloroforms her too and keeps the cloth until Angel faints.

Both tenants are tied up, gagged and blindfolded. The masked woman takes off her shoes, showing her feet, covered with a pair of brown stockings. She puts her feet over mouths of both prisoners, then removes the blindfold from Angel's eyes. She recommends to her to doesn't say a word and removes the gag from her mouth. Angel doesn't listen her and tries to scream, but Daisy closes her mouth and nose with gloved hands. She puts an arm around her neck too. Daisy continues the handsmother action until Angel passes out.

Daisy removes the blindfolds to Candy's eyes. She recommends to her to shut up and takes off the gag from her mouth. Candy sees the limp body of Angel and tries to call for help, but Daisy handsmothers her too. A final long suffocation scene, who ends with Candy's faint.

Models: Daisy, Candy, Stella
Time 17:05
Size 379 MB
Format MP4

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