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Sadistic Masked Intruder

Regina is teaching an English lesson to Nira. They take a break, so Nira goes to the bathroom to wash her hands and face. At the same time, Ginger, a woman with balaclava and black leather gloves, breaks into the home from the bathroom window. She takes a cloth and pours chloroform in it.

Ginger grabs Nira from behind, keeping her quiet with the chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Nira can't call for help. She is forced by Ginger to breath the substance until she passes out. Ginger drags her away.

After some minutes, Regina calls Nira, but she doesn't hear an answer. She goes to the bathroom, but she discovers Nira knocked out by the masked intruder. Ginger puts the chloro cloth over her mouth too. Regina pushes her away and tries to escape. She can't move straight, because the chloroform made her weaker. Ginger has the time to reach and puts her to sleep with chloroform.

The sadistic woman ties up, gags and blindfolds both tenants. She starts fondling Nira's body with her gloved hands. Then she removes her gag and blindfold. Nira makes a loud scream, but Ginger immediately handgags her. She puts both gloved hands over her mouth and nose, keeping her breathless. She handsmothers her for over two minutes, causing her pass out.

Ginger decides to smothers Regina too. She takes a rope and puts it around her neck. A nice, long and slow, final strangulation scene, wich ends with Regina pass out.

Models: Ginger, Regina, Nira
Time 19:53
Size 443 MB
Format MP4

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