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Laura Schwarz is a thief in leather who breaks into Xena's house and starts searching for valuables in the living room. She hears someone is walking up the stairs, so she hides behind a door and pours the chloroform on a rag.

Xena reaches the living room, when Laura grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth. She drags her to the couch and keeps the cloth over her mouth until she passes out. Laura notices Xena is a cute woman, so she decides to play with her.

When Xena wakes up, Laura sits with leather pants on over her face, smothering her with the ass and pussy. She continues the facesitting domination for some minutes, taking advantage of Xena's weakness, then she puts her legs around her neck, keeping her tight. The thief has fun to use her legs to dominate the poor tenant, so she doesn't stop it and makes a strong headscissors grip. Xena tries to remove the legs from her neck, clutching the leather pants. Laura is sadistic and continues playing with her, alternating scissorhold and facesitting actions for several minutes and dragging Xena over the carpet. She squeezes her neck with legs for the last time, sitting on the couch and showing a close up of her leather boots. Then she uses the chloro cloth to put her to sleep again.

Models: Laura Schwarz, Xena
Time 22:08
Size 1597 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €13.99