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Second Life Of A Student

Jade is a student who sneaks into the houses of rich people to steal jewelry. She uses the money she gets from this illegal activity to pay for her studies. She has just broken into Pinky's house and reached the living room. She puts on a pair of black leather gloves and touches the door handle, to erase fingerprints.

She starts searching everywhere in the room and when she opens a drawer, she finds some jewels that look interesting. She observes them carefully for a few moments, keeping them between her gloved hands (we can view a close up of them). She takes them and when she is leaving the house, she hears a noise. Pinky is coming back.

Jade is nervous, so she decides to put on a nylon mask and escape from the house. Pinky enters in the living room and when Jade tries to do it, she fights against her and removes the stocking from her head. Jade doesn't want to do it, but she has the only chance to kill her and leave the house. She finds a clear plastic bag over the table and puts it over Pinky's head. Then she pulls it, to be sure the poor woman can't breathe inside it. Pinky struggles, kicks and fight for air, but Jade doesn't stop and keep the bag over her head until the end.

Models: Jade, Pinky
Time 08:28
Size 655 MB
Format MP4

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