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Serial Couple 3 (Hom Strangling Part)

Eva sits over Rey's chest and puts her gloved hands around her neck. Then she keeps a gloved hand around her neck and puts the other one over her mouth. The second part of the sadistic game begins, where Eva uses the gloved hands to strangle, handgag and handsmother the poor woman. Like the previous part, we can watch Rey while she kicks, struggles and tries to escape. Gianluca continues filming every scene and suggests to Eva the best way to play. Eva uses different positions to dominate Rey, last of all, staying behind her, covering her mouth and nose with a gloved hand and strangling her with the other one. Finally she puts her to sleep with chloroform again.

Gianluca thinks the game have to finish, so he gives to Eva a pair of pantyhose. Eva ties the pantyhose around Rey's neck and pulls it, strangling her. Rey gasps for air, keeping the eyes and mouth wide open. She tries to scream too. The couple is very sadistic and Eva has no mercy, so she continues strangling the poor woman until the end.

Models: Eva BlackHell, Rey
Time 24:43
Size 1792 MB
Format MP4

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