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Serial Couple 3 (Scissorhold Part)

Rey has the misfortune of being targeted by a crazy couple, who enjoys filming while they play with the victims. She comes back to home and finds Gianluca, who is filming her. She immediately asks him what is he doing and to leave the apartment, but Eva grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggles and Eva keeps the cloth tight, until she slowly passes out.

Rey wakes up and seeing Gianluca who is still filiming her, tries to ask him what is he doing there, but Eva takes the duct tape and ties her up. Instigated by her crazy partner, Eva puts her legs around Rey's neck, making a tight scissorhold grip. The she puts a gloved hand over her mouth, to keep her quiet. Rey starts struggling and kicking, while Eva has no mercy and continues the game for several minutes, having fun to see the poor victim who looks scared to the camera. She always keeps the legs around her neck and sometimes she pushes both gloved hands over her mouth and nose.

Gianluca thinks this is enough for the first part of game, so he gives to Eva the chloro cloth. She puts it over Rey's mouth and nose and she slowly passes out for the second time.

Models: Eva BlackHell, Rey
Time 21:39
Size 1567 MB
Format MP4

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