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Serial Couple 4 (Hom Bagging Part)

Maat fondles the limp body of Lara and when she wakes up, she starts playing with her. She puts both gloved hands around her neck, strangling her. Then she moves a hand over her mouth and nose and keeps it tight, handsmothering her. Gianluca finds so excited every things his girlfriend is doing to the poor Lara, so he suggests to continue without mercy. Maat agrees, so she repeatedly strangles and handsmothers the woman with both gloved hands, looking towards the camera and laughing like a crazy bitch. Lara can only moan and make muffled screams under Maat's leather gloves.

Gianluca invite Maat's to put to sleep Lara with chloroform for the last time, before the final game. Then he hands her a clear plastic bag and she puts it over Lara's head. Then she pulls and keeps it tight over the face, to be sure she can't breathe. Desperate, Lara tries to remove the bag, but Maat holds her arm, so she can only gasps for air, keeping the eyes and mouth wide open. Maat's sadism reaches its limit and she continues suffocating the poor woman until the end.

Models: Lady Maat, Lara
Time 23:54
Size 1731 MB
Format MP4

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