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She Knows Too Much (Full Version)

A couple was recently murdered. Ivy and Susy are sitting on the sofa, visibly upset. They hint at what happened. As the two talk, Ivy's attitude makes Susy suspicious and she secretly goes to her room to check. When she opens the drawer, she finds a proof that confirms Ivy's guilt, but this one grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Susy struggles and tries to break free, but Ivy is stronger than her and keeps the cloth until she passes out.

Ivy ties up and gags Susy on the bed. The poor woman now knows things she shouldn't have known. Ivy is quite sadistic, so she decides to play with her before finishing her. She sits over her face with leather pants on, smothering her with a tight facesitting action. Sometimes she grabs her neck with bare hands or squeezes it with a tight scissorhold grip. She continues sitting over her face without mercy, pushing the ass and pussy over her mouth and nose. We can see Susy's eyes wide open.

Ivy puts on a pair of black leather gloves and puts the chloro cloth over Susy's mouth and nose again. The poor victim struggles again, but she can't do nothing and passes out for the second time.

Ivy continues the sadistic game, but this time she begins smothering Susy in different ways. Keeping the leather gloves on, she sits over her knees and puts both hands over her mouth and nose. After that, she strangles her with both gloved hands around her neck and continues playing these kind of smother games in different ways, like handgagging her with a gloved hand and pinching the nose with the other one. Strangling with a hand and handsmothering with the other one.

When Ivy thinks this is enough for Susy, she takes a pillow and puts it over her face, leaving the eyes uncovered. She pushes it tight, while Susy struggles, kicks and gasps for air. We can see a close up of Susy's eyes wide open and gloved hands of Ivy, pushed over the pillow. This is the end for Susy. 

Models: Ivy Blonde, Susy Blue
Time 44:40
Size 3236 MB
Format MP4

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