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Sleep As Much As You Can

Tekla and Susy are two lesbian women who like leather outfit, so while they are on the bed and fondle their body, they wear jacket, boots, skirt, dress and gloves. Tekla wants dominating Susy and to do it, she decides to use the chloroform. She pulls out a cloth from her jacket and puts it over Susy's mouth and nose. Susy struggles, kicks and makes muffled screams, but Tekla keeps the cloth tight until she passes out.

Tekla takes ropes to tie Susy up and a scarf to cleavegag her. When she is still sleeping, she kisses her boots and fondles her body. Susy wakes up and Tekla puts her to sleep with chloroform again. She repeatedly do it, every time Susy wakes up and when she is unconscious, she plays with her body.

Finally Tekla keeps Susy unconscious with the chloro cloth under the gag and leaves her on the bed.

Models: Tekla, Susy Blue
Time 21:02
Size 521 MB
Format MP4

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