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Sleep Therapy

Reily suffers from Insomnia, so she goes to Cali's surgery. Cali knows an alternative method to heal the insomnia. She has to put to sleep the patient with chloroform several times. Before the patient faints, she has to hold her breath, to be sure the substance takes effect and re-establish the normal sleep cycle.

Cali ties up Reily on the bed, because the chloroform has a strong smell and Reily could remove the cloth from her mouth. In this case, the therapy would have no effect.

Cali pours the chloroform on a cloth and puts it over Reily's mouth. Reily makes muffled screams, until the substance takes effect. Cali pinches her nose, holding her breath. Reily passes out.

The true intention of Cali is not healing the insomnia, but play with limp body of Reily. She fondles it, touches her breasts and kisses her. Every time Reily wakes up, Cali chloroforms her and play lesbian games while she is sleeping.

The nurse puts her stinky feet over Reily's face. This time, the patient wakes up before the expected time. Reily asks to Cali why she just put her stinky feet over her face. Reily understands Cali is a perverted nurse who likes playing with her patients.

Cali takes a plastic bag and puts it over Reily's head. Then she handgags her, to be sure she can't breath under the bag. Cali suffocates Reily for long time, until her end.

Models: Cali Logan, Reily Rey
Time 18:52
Size 698 MB
Format MP4

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