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Sleeping In Her House

Xena comes back to home and sees a man who is sleeping on her couch. She decides to give him a punishment. She puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He tries to scream and struggles, but he can't breathe and slowly faints.

Xena ties up him on the chair with duct tape, then she cleavegags him and puts an arm around his neck again, making a second strong sleeperhold grip.

She throws him on the floor and sits over his knees. She begins a sadistic domination against him. She puts a hand around his neck and the other one over his mouth, keeping him handgagged for some minutes. Then she uses her legs to make a strong headscissors grip, having fun to see the poor man struggling. At the same time she handsmothers him, to make the game harder.

Not happy yet, Xena lays down over the man and puts her breasts over his mouth and nose, smothering him. He continues struggling and kicks, unable to react.

Xena sits over his face, putting the pussy over his mouth and nose, so she can directly look into his eyes wide open, while he tries to breathe. She keeps this facesitting pose for some minutes, then she uses her knees and armpits to smother him. While she is doing it, she takes off her underpants. Sometimes she keeps him quiet with her hand over his mouth.

Xena puts her underpants inside his mouth and gags him with the duct tape. She uses the sleeperhold grip another time, having fun to see him struggling and finally she puts an armpit over his mouth and nose, showing the victory pose.

Models: Xena, Gianluca
Time 26:04
Size 1884 MB
Format MP4

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