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Sleeping On Their Couch

Lilian and Rachel see a man broke into their house. He is napping on their couch. They decide to give him a punishment.

Lilian puts an arm around his neck, making a strong sleeperhold grip. He tries to scream and struggles, but he can't breathe and slowly faints. Women drags him on the floor and Rachel ties up his wrists.

A long smother domination begins: Lilian keeps the man handgagged with one large hand, then she strangles him with the other one. Both women use their breasts to smother him and they leaving no air under them.

Rachel sits with her smelly underpants over his mouth and nose and stays there for several minutes. The man is forced to stay with mouth and nose under the knee of Lilian, who pushes it very tight. Rachel smothers him with an armpit.

Finally women put the pair of stinky underpants inside his mouth and gags him with duct tape.

Models: Lilian, Rachel Adams
Time 22:16
Size 825 MB
Format MP4

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