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Ivy proposes a kinky game to Jackie. She will hold her breath testing the resistance.

Jackie accepts. Ivy begin to handsmother her. She continues until jackie indicates her the resistance limit.

Now it is the Jackie's turn. She uses her hand to cover Ivy's mouth and nose. Last one can't breath and she tries to resist more time than Jacie, because she hopes to win the game.

When Ivy breathes again, the game doesn't stop. They change roles and handsmother each other one more time.

Ivy has an idea. She will smother Jackie wearing a pair of black leather gloves. She covers Jackie's mouth and nose.

After some seconds, Jackie indicates her to stop, but Ivy continues. Jackie is very scared because her resistance limit is already exceeded.

Ivy keeps her gloved hands over Jackie's mouth and nose until she passes out.

Models: Ivy Sloan, Jacquelyn Velvets
Time 17:32
Size 389 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €10.99