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Smother Me

Carlo and Gabriel have just finished playing with Gaia, when Gianluca enters the room and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. She struggles and makes muffled screams, before passing out slowly.

Gaia wakes up and when she sees Gianluca, she tries to escape. He grabs her from behind and keeps her handgagged, to prevent her from screaming. He tells her he will let her go only if she plays a smother game with him as a domina. She agrees, using it as a good opportunity to knock him out.

She sits over his face, putting her pussy over his mouth and nose and looking at him. She finds this game quite funny so, while she is smothering the perverted man, sometimes she laughs, looking at camera.

Gaia changes her position, so she sits over his face with the ass. Now the game starts to get harder, because she keeps her full weight over his mouth and nose for long time, testing his resistance.

Gaia squeezes his head between her strong legs, making a strong scissorhold grip, like a good female fighter. Then she uses her pussy and her ass to continue smothering the perverted man.

Gianluca gives her a pair of black leather gloves and she puts on them. Then he allows her to hold his arms with her legs and she puts her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose, handsmothering him.

She continues the hand over mouth domination in leather gloves for some minutes, staying behind him and pinching his nose too. Then she lay down over him, pushes his head over the couch and pushes her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose. She laughs, because she likes this game, especially watching him who keeps her eyes wide open.

Gaia changes her position for the third time. Now she is over Gianluca, who is lying down over the floor, with her both gloved hands over his mouth and nose. He fights for air, but Gaia is strong and pushes her hands tight. She continues this sadistic game for several minutes, waiting until he passes out.

Gaia asks to Gabriel (who shot everything that happened between her and Gianluca) if he let her go, but when he is replying, Gianluca gets up and puts a clear plastic bag over her head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe. Gaia struggles and gasps for air, while Gianluca enjoys to see her suffering face and her eyes wide open. His sadistic game continues until the end.


Sit Over My Face (Facesitting Part)

Handsmother Me (Hand Over Mouth And Bagging Part)

Models: Gaia, Gianluca
Time 36:35
Size 2652 MB
Format MP4

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