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Lovely model Bridget Graham is the victim in this video. She opens the door and takes a look at the bed. She understands it isn't all right.

It's too late. Intruder JC Simpson anticipated her. She grabbed the poor girl from behind, putting a chloroform cloth over her face

Bridget struggles. She is forced to breath the intense odour. JC tells her to relax, because it's ok. The intruder keep the cloth over Bridget's face until it makes her unconscious.

Bridget wakes up, with wrists and ankles tied. Intruder JC desires to play a kinky game with her. She wants to test her resistance, using one more method to smother her.

First time is footsmother. She forces Bridget to shut up and smell her feet, covering her face with both soles.

Second time she uses the facesitting method. Victim can't breath under her ass and she is forced to feel the weight of JC's body.

Last time JC plays the handsmother game. She handgags the poor girl for prevent her to scream and pinches her nose. This time victim can't resist, so the intruder keep her hands until she passes out.

Models: JC Simpson, Bridget Graham
Time 11:44
Size 260 MB
Format MP4