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Snake Sister

Pinky is in a secret relationship with her brother-in-law Gianluca. While they are on the couch, she explains to him, if he wants the continuation of their relationship, they must kill his wife Ku. Gianluca is embarrassed at the idea of having to do it, but in the end he is convinced and gives a pair of pantyhose to Pinky, telling her to use them carefully.

Ku comes back to home from work and Gianluca welcomes her. She got stuck in the traffic for long time and she feels a pain in the neck. While she is sitting on the chair, Pinky begins to massage her neck, but this is only an excuse to overwhelm her. Pinky's grip gets tighter and she starts strangling her. At the same time, Gianluca grabs her legs.

Ku struggles, keeping her eyes and mouth wide open. Gianluca helps Pinky to strangle her, while she continues struggling and kicking. Pinky takes the pair of pantyhose and ties it around her neck. Then she pulls it and continues strangling her.

The poor woman has to bear the strength of the husband and sister, while he uses his bare hands and she uses the pantyhose to strangle her.

The sadistic couple pulls the same pair of pantyhose in two different directions, to make the strangulation very hard. Ku tries to remove the pantyhose from the neck, while she continues struggling with eyes and mouth wide open, but she can't do anything. They strangle her until the end.

Models: Pinky, Gianluca, Ku Yugen
Time 23:27
Size 1670 MB
Format MP4

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