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Stalked Agent

Valentina is an agent who has just came back from work. She takes off her cloth, leaving only the underwear and pantyhose. She goes to bed and starts sleeping.

A man in balaclava and leather gloves breaks into the bedroom, takes a cloth and pours the chloroform on it. He puts the cloth over Valentina's mouth and nose. She immediately wakes up and makes muffled screams. She has no time to struggle and escape, because the substance takes effect and she faints.

The man gags her with a pair of pantyhose. She wakes up and tries to escape, but he grabs her from behind, keeps her handgagged and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth again. He keeps it until she passes out. He plays with her limp body, fondling her legs and feet.

Valentina wakes up and tries to leave the room, but the man keeps her handgagged again and puts the cloth over her mouth. When she is unconscious, he lifts and carries her on the bed.

The man puts to sleep Valentina with chloroform another two times. In the last one he uses soaked pantyhose and keeps it over her mouth like a gag. He fully strips her and leaves the bedroom.


Agent In Distress (Full Version)

Valentina Stalked Again (Part 2)

Stalking Of Valentina Continues (Part 3)

Models: Valentina Bianco
Time 14:29
Size 1055 MB
Format MP4

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