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Stalker Stalked

Macy is doing her physical training. A stalker called Keri, breaks into her apartment holding a chloro cloth. Keri surprises her from behind, covering her mouth and nose with the cloth and keeping it tightly. Macy makes a lot of muffled screams and tries to escape from her. The chloroform takes effect and Macy passes out.

Keri prepares ropes for puts Macy into bondage. This is only an illusion. Macy only simulated the pass out. She takes the chloro cloth, gets up and puts it over Keri's mouth and nose. Now the stalker is forced to breath the vapours under Macy's hands. She keeps the cloth for almost two minutes and Keri passes out.

Macy ties up Keri on the floor with ropes. When she wakes up, Macy explains her she was aware of an attack by her, so she took the correct precautions. At the same time, she meditated a cruel revenge against her.

Macy repeatedly puts both stinky feet over Keri's face, forcing to smell them. She smothers her with them too.

She smothers keri with a strong and long facesitting technique. We can hear muffled screams of Keri and her humiliation.

She puts both hands over her mouth and nose, to prevent her for scream and breath.

After the handsmother action, she puts her hand around Keri's neck, strangling her. This is the final smother action, wich finishes with the inevitable pass out of Keri.

Models: Macy, Keri Spectrum
Time 16:13
Size 362 MB
Format MP4

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