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Stalking Of Employee Continues

Lilian wakes up and sees the man in balaclava and leather gloves is still there. He keeps her handgagged and explains he wants to see her in a new pair of pantyhose. She has to put on it, because she knows he isn't joking. When she is wearing it, he admires her for some seconds and takes off his balaclava. He is Gianluca, a coy employee who work with her.

He puts a chloroform soaked pair of pantyhose over her mouth and nose anyway. She makes muffled screams and he keeps pantyhose tight until she faints.

He plays with her limp body, fondling her ass, her legs and her feet in pantyhose. He waits until she wakes up. She crawls on the floor and tries to escape, but he grabs her legs and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. She breathes deeply for several seconds, before fainting again.

Now Gianluca wants to see Lilian in a red baby doll and a new pair of pantyhose. She puts on them and he admires her beautiful body again. He puts the chloro cloth over her mouth and waits until she faints for the third time. He plays with her limp body, pours the chloroform on pantyhose and puts it over her mouth and nose, to be sure she doesn't wake up while he escapes from house.


Employee In Distress (Full Version)

Stalked Employee (Part 1)

Employee Stalked Again (Part 2)

Models: Gianluca, Lilian
Time 17:50
Size 1300 MB
Format MP4

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