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Bettie Brickhouse is an American mistress who has met for the first time her new slave Gianluca, during her tour in Italy. She invites him to her house, makes him undress and puts him on a leash.

Bettie now is in the bedroom with Gianluca and she orders him to take off her boots. With a little difficulty he does it and she puts a stinky foot in pantyhose over his nose, making him to smell it. Gianluca lays down on the bed and the mistress puts her both feet in pantyhose over his face, keeping the stinky toes over his nose. He has to tell nothing, he has only to smell the odour of his bbw strict domina. Bettie stands up and pushes a foot over his mouth and nose. The she lays down again and continues keeping and rubbing her stinky feet over his mouth and nose for several minutes.

Bettie orders to Gianluca to takes off her pantyhose. He does it and she immediately puts a bare foot over his face, rubbing his nose with her stinky toes. The foot domination continues and the poor slave has only to inhale the odour of large feet of a strong bbw mistress. He can feel they are sweaty, while she pushes them tight over his mouth and nose and sometimes she smothers him with them. 

Models: Bettie Brickhouse, Gianluca
Time 30:52
Size 2232 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €15.99