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Eva and Ivy break into Gaia's home. They don't find her, so they wait hidden behind the wall. They want to give her a lesson because she is an arrogant colleague.

Gaia comes back and strips herself, remaining in underwear. Eva grabs her from behind and puts a hand over her mouth. Ivy lifts her legs and both women carry her on the couch. While Eva keeps her handgagged, Ivy ties up her legs and wrists with ropes. Then she puts a chloro cloth over her mouth and nose. Gaia makes muffled screams, and Ivy waits until she slowly passes out.

Gaia wakes up and her two colleagues continues their kinky lesson. They smother her with both hands over her mouth and nose and squeezing her neck. They have large hands and no mercy, so Gaia gets weaker soon.

After several strangling and handsmother actions, Eva takes the chloro cloth and puts it over Gaia's mouth. She has fun to see her slowly fainting.

Eva and Ivy puts on a pair of black leather gloves. When Gaia wakes up, Eva takes a rope, ties it around her neck and pulls it, strangling her. She continues this sadistic game until Gaia passes out.

Eva and Ivy decide to untie Gaia and wait until she wakes up. They still want playing with her.

Gaia wakes up. She is weak and confused, so she gets up slowly and tries to leave the room, but Ivy grabs her from behind and puts the chloro cloth over her mouth. She keeps it until Gaia passes out.

Now Eva and Ivy can play their domination game. Ivy strangles Gaia with gloved hands and Eva holds her breath with a hand over her mouth and nose. They continue with several gloved handsmother and strangling actions, changing their role and making Gaia weak and weak. Eva takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth. Gaia slowly faints.

This is not the end. Gaia mustn't leave the room, so Eva takes a plastic bag and puts it over her head. She keeps it tight, so Gaia has no air under it. This is the end for her.

Models: Eva BlackHell, Ivy Blonde, Gaia
Time 42:48
Size 1556 MB
Format MP4
Price $26.99