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Susy wakes up and remembers what happened. She opens a drawer and puts on her pair of black leather gloves. When Maggie comes back, she grabs her from behind and puts a chloro cloth over her mouth. Maggie struggles, but she keeps it tight until she passes out.

Maggie wakes up, bound and gagged on the bed. Susy sits over her chest and starts handsmothering her with leather gloves on. She does it several times, squeezing her neck with one hand and covering her mouth and nose with the other one. She holds her breath with both gloved hands over her mouth and nose too.

After a long smother domination, Susy takes the chloro cloth and puts it over her mouth again. Maggie tries to scream, but the substance takes effect and she faints.

When Maggie wakes up, Susy ties a rope around her neck and pulls it, strangling her. Maggie keeps her eyes wide open and struggles. Susy has no mercy and continues strangling her until the end.

Models: Susy Blue, Maggie
Time 17:53
Size 660 MB
Format MP4

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ADD TO CART €10.99