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Tekla Strange Fantasies (Full Version)

Tekla and Susy are two friends who are talking on the couch. Tekla confesses to Susy that she has kinky fantasies and Susy, curious about this, asks to try them on her. Tekla, already dressed in leather, puts on a pair of black leather gloves, takes a bottle of chloroform and a rag. She pours the chloroform on the rag and puts it over Susy's mouth and nose. Susy struggles, because she can't stand the strong odour, but Tekla keeps the rag tight until she passes out.

Susy is naked on the bed. Tekla smells and licks her bare feet. Susy asks her what she is doing and she takes a dildo. She starts fucking her with it, while Susy enjoy this and moans. Tekla has fun to keep her lesbian friend quiet while she is fucking her, so she repeatedly puts a gloved hand over her mouth, handgagging her and sometimes handsmothering her too. She continues this lesbian domination game for several minutes, smothering her friend with the ass too. Then she takes the chloro cloth and puts Susy to sleep again.

Susy wakes up and sees Tekla who is putting on a strap-on. She penetrates her with it and starts moving up and down, fucking her in missionary position. She puts a gloved hand over her mouth to keep her quiet and to demonstrate her supremacy. Susy enjoy this so much and when Tekla removes the hand from her mouth, she always begs to smother her again. Tekla continues fucking her in this way and in doggy style position, always handsmothering her.

After several minutes, Tekla is tired and stops the game. Susy is very satisfied, but her perverted friend thought of another sadistic game. After putting her to sleep with chloroform for the third time, Tekla puts a clear plastic bag over her head and pulls it, to be sure she can't breathe inside. Susy struggles, kicks and gasps for air, while Tekla ha fun to see her poor friend in peril and she has no mercy. She continues suffocating her until the end.

Models: Tekla, Susy Blue
Time 45:08
Size 1116 MB
Format MP4

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